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Green Construction Permit Incentive


Written By Mike Kelly Jr.  1/23/09

The Green Building incentives section of the Catawba County’s building fee structures is a special allowance to provide an incentive for building in accordance with LEED, Energy Star, and NC Healthy Built Homes.

The incentive based fee structure is intended to increase renewable/sustainable energy technologies and green building certifications for homes and commercial buildings in Catawba County.

Various permit and plan review incentives are available for new and existing construction. To qualify, the builder or owner needs to obtain all permitting from Catawba County and a green building certification from a third party agency (LEED, Energy Star, etc.). For new construction, once a Certificate of Occupancy is issued, a percentage of the permit fees will be reimbursed to the permit holder.

For existing structures, upon completion of final inspection, permit fee rebates will be issued to the permit holder.

Catawba County will rebate all fees related to plan review or express review for commercial buildings seeking LEED certification.

Regular fees must be paid in full at time of plan review or permit issuance. Fee rebates will be refunded upon project completion and certification by a third party agency.

Here are just some of the examples of residential rebates:

Geothermal Heat Pump – Mechanical Permit Fee – 50% rebate – $27.50 value

Geothermal Heat Pump – Electrical Permit Fee – 50% rebate – $25.00 value

Solar Hot Water  – Electrical Permit Fee  – 50% rebate – $25.00 value

Solar Hot Water  – Plumbing Permit Fee  – 50% rebate – $12.50 value

Gray Water Collection for flushing fixtures – Plumbing Permit Fee – 50% rebate – $30.50 value

For more information about these permit incentives you can contact the Catawba County Utilities & Engineering, Catawba County Government Center, 100 A South West Blvd., Newton, NC 28658, Phone: 828-465-8399.

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