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The Importance of Proper Leaf Collection in Hickory NC

Written by: Mike Kelly Jr  12/3/2008

The yearly drudgery of getting rid of the leaves that have fallen on your yard has begun.  Hickory is asking that homeowners rake all of their leaves to the curb before the first collection day of your quadrant.  Remember to keep leaves away from storm drains and out of the streets to help prevent flooding and accidents during rain.  It is not good for our storm water system to be overwhelmed with leaves because it can deplete the oxygen in our lakes and streams as they decay.  It is more helpful to our environment to shred and or compost our leaves than to dispose of them in the lakes or storm water system.

Also remember to not park your vehicle on a leaf pile because it can result in a fire and do not mix leaves with other yard waste or trash. If you do not want to have your leaves loose at the curb you can place them in open clear plastic bags or open containers which will be collected on your regular garbage day.

The next set of collection dates are as follows:

Northwest A December 15-18

Northwest B December 22-26

Southeast and Southwest December 29 – January 2

Northeast January 5-16




For more information about Hickory Leaf Collection you can visit the City of Hickory Website at www.hickorygov.com

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