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Hickory NC Receives Environmental Award

 Written by: Mike Kelly Jr.  11/25/2008

Hickory was recognized at the North Carolina League of Municipalities annual conference in October for committing to efficient, energy-saving operations and practices. Hickory received the Level One achievement for the NCLM Green Challenge.

Last summer the NCLM challenged municipalities state-wide to implement long-range and short-term actions that would conserve resources and save money.

NCLM hopes such implementations will protect the environment and operating municipal government in a more cost-¬effective, energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly manner. To achieve Level One recognition, municipalities were required to complete three of five steps. Hickory had already completed four of the five steps, including:

1- adopting a sustainability plan in June 2008

2- creating an energy improvement plan in January 2000

3- conducting an energy audit of two or more government facilities in January 2004 and implementing recommendations

4- creating a water conservation education program in February 2008 

North Carolina League of Municipalities Challenge consists of three levels. Level Two requirements have not yet been released, but will focus on topics such as energy efficiency, green building, waste management, green fleets, land-use and transportation and water and air quality.

The great thing about Hickory going green is that it is not just about saving the planet it is also about saving money for the residents.

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